The 2023 Employee Referral Blitz is ON!!

Hurry! The Program Ends Nov 4th
(it’s a Saturday)

AdvanStaff is excited to introduce a year-end referral incentive program for our valued employees.

This program allows you to earn incentives for qualified leads, sales appointments, and sold clients because of your referral efforts.

What could be better?

Who is eligible?

Any full or part-time employee of AdvanStaff other than sales or direct support to sales.  Employees who leave AdvanStaff for any reason before payment of any incentive are not eligible.

Why are we including employees in this referral incentive program

Do you know any businesses that could benefit from AdvanStaff’s services and products? Refer them to us! Your family and friends can help too.

What can I earn and how?

AdvanStaff will pay the following incentive amounts:

What is a “qualified lead”?

A qualified lead is a referral to a leader in a company who, if requested, would very likely “sit down” (in person or via video) with one of our sales team and discuss AdvanStaff’s PEO program.  The company must have at least 1 full time regular employee and the client would need to be willing to pay a minimum annual administrative fee of $5000.

Leads that are excluded:

We would not consider the following to be a “qualified lead” because it would not be generated by you:

·        A lead from one of our existing clients who routinely brings on new business units automatically.  Examples would be new business units from WHASN, MR Management and TruFusion, the Wxxxxx groups, the Stalupe group, etc. Those and others like them would not be qualified leads as they bring new business that is generated automatically by our client.  Of course, there could be exceptions, so if you think there is a situation that should be an exception, let Dan Brewer know and he will take your case to the management team for consideration!

What is a “sit down meeting”?

Generally, the assigned salesperson would set up the meeting, but it would be good if you could help!

The meeting can be via video or in person but would need to be accomplished by the salesperson and the leader in the referred company.

If the company representative does not show up for the meeting or ends the meeting after a few minutes due to having no interest in our services, this incentive will not be paid.

The contract would need to be signed by an authorized person at the company and reflect a start date no later than February 1, 2024.

Without follow-through on the contract, the incentive will not be payable.  Suppose the company leaves AdvanStaff and/or stops submitting payroll within 60 days of beginning services through AdvanStaff or submits payrolls too small to qualify as a business. In that case, we will reserve the right to recover the incentive, depending upon the circumstances.

AdvanStaff will double your total earned incentives IF the company makes its sales goal of $1.6M by December 31, 2023.

If AdvanStaff does not reach its total sales goal of $1.6M by December 31, 2023, unfortunately, the dollars will not be doubled. 

Once the team verifies an incentive as being payable, it will be added to your payroll within 30 days.

The incentive will not be payable if you leave the company before the payment date.

Feeling competitive?! This SUPER bonus is for you! The top TWO referrers will receive a DOUBLE BONUS for their efforts. We will DOUBLE your referral payouts!!!!

Let’s work together to make it happen!!

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