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AdvanStaff HR has been helping business scale and grow since 1993.

When you partner with AdvanStaff HR you are assigned an HR specialist, a benefits specialist, a workers compensation and safety specialist, and a payroll professional who work as a team alongside your staff to bring stability, growth, and efficiency to your business. We handle tedious HR tasks, and provide expert payroll, benefits, risk management, human resource information systems (HRIS), learning and performance management platforms and HR expertise so you can concentrate on running and growing your company. AdvanStaff is the single source partner that enables you to focus on the business of your business. We think you will agree that you need AdvanStaff HR!

Whether you are a business of 5 or 1,500, we have a scalable and affordable solution for you.

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Ready for the peace of mind from an integrated, single system for HR, Benefits, Payroll?

Ensuring accurate payroll is a task that regularly eats up a chunk of your most valued and skilled workers’ — or even your own — precious time. Small business owners often wonder if outsourcing something as important as HR, benefit administration, and payroll is the right thing to do. So you may be asking, why use a PEO?

With such an importance placed on accuracy, the slightest slip-up can lead to outrageous fines and discontent among your workforce. Financial risk, the cost to your reputation and potential loss of critical staff are a few aspects that make PEOs an excellent value for the money.

Discover the many ways a PEO can add value to your business while only charging a fraction of the money they save.

PEO stands for Professional Employer Organization.

Started in 1993, AdvanStaff HR is one of the industries most experienced and seasoned PEOs. We have guided business through the tech bubble, the housing, the banking crisis, COVID, and now hyper-inflationary markets. We have seen and been through it all and will support you and your employees during any challenge now and in the future.

AdvanStaff HR takes care of your HR needs, from time-consuming payroll and administrative tasks, to employee benefit programs and administration, to state and federal compliance, and much more. We are experts in these specific fields. Lean on AdvanStaff for guidance and free your team to do what you specialize in. This is the magic of partnering with AdvanStaff HR.

Partnering with an HR expert has a host of other benefits. A truly unbiased and objective outlook on HR is healthy for your business. You also gain access to our network of carriers, partners, solutions, and tools that elevate your business.

The AdvanStaff HR team aligns with your managers for your success.

You probably have your most detail-oriented and business-savvy staff dealing with payroll. Their time could be better used in an essential skilled admin role. They may be excellent with spreadsheets, recording employees’ hours and spending time going through rosters and number crunching, but that isn’t maximizing profits. It’s time to turn your people into profit centers.

Free up hours of time by partnering with us. Details, accuracy, and clean and auditable records are our key strengths, and it’s what we do every day. Growing a business is hard work, your team needs to stay focused. Doing payroll in-house is costly and inefficient. Partner with us and unlock your staff’s potential and gain the efficiency and cost savings using one unified payroll/hr system. We eliminate double data entry, connect payroll to superior HR and benefits, and enable managers and employees to access the info and processes they need to get back to work quickly.

When you’re experiencing growth, it’s time to look at the productivity of each person in your organization. Streamlining output and ensuring people are carrying out the tasks should be high up on your list of priorities. Bogging down your best minds with trying to keep up with HR compliance, admin, and recruitment could be losing you profit and exposing your business to avoidable risk.

Partnering with AdvanStaff HR removes risk and is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. AdvanStaff HR retains over 98% of its clients year-to-year for a reason.

AdvanStaff HR manage tens of thousands of employees across it’s network. We access extraordinary employee benefits at a discounted rate. Not only do we know which benefits workforces respond to best, we save you money while attracting and retaining top talent. In addition to day-to-day benefit plan (health, dental, life) management, we take care of retirement benefits, ancillary benefits, and all of the perks you usually associate with big companies.

All of these products, services, and expertise are affordably available. Whether you have five or fifteen hundred employees, we can enhance your operation and employee benefits program.

We will work together to tailor these benefits to the requirements of your workforce.

AdvanStaff HR has been doing the heavy lifting for thousands of companies for over 30 years…. all you need to do is partner with us and gain access to a warchest of turn-key programs ready to elevate your business.

Programs related to hiring, onboarding, benefit program enrollment, payroll, timekeeping, and tax compliance, talent and performance management, learning and compliance, tax-savings programs, and much more all in one place. When you get into the details, it’s difficult to see why any small business wouldn’t seek out this partnership.

Did you know that companies that use a PEO grow 7-9% faster, have 10-14% lower employee turnover, and are 50% less likely to go out of business?

Managing workers compensation policies, auditing payroll and premiums, helping employees get care and back to work, are costly and take precious time. These issue can be complex and we do this every day. Partner with us and our dedicated team of risk and claim managers will join your efforts to create a safe workplace while saving money.

When the workplace is safe, then employer and employee interest align and everyone is better off, including the business’ bottom line.

AdvanStaff HR has its own workers’ compensation insurance program, which usually comes at a discounted rate due to the sheer numbers of employees we have the books. As a small business, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to compete with these rates.

When client partners leverage our workers compensation coverage and risk team services, the team works in collaboration with your core HR people to mitigate risks, keep the workplace safe, and elevate your profitability through proactive HR.

We all know that legal costs can quickly escalate and lawsuits are the undoing of many SMBs. AdvanStaff HR professionals have access to equal opportunity specialists as well as people who work with employer’s liabilities on a daily basis. Our intricate knowledge of compliance significantly lowers the risk of encountering avoidable employment regulatory challenges that aren’t in compliance with state law.

As an added layer of defense, you have an extra team of specialists to mitigate potentially devastating settlements.

One of the best ways to make your business stand out is by offering training and giving each of your workers a compliant employee handbook. Once again, the costs of these resources are lower due to the fact that PEOs have the economies of scale and expertise necessary to manage such programs.

Employee handbooks and the learning platform is included.

It can be difficult to stay on top of employee performance. Favoritism in the workplace is a reality, even if it’s difficult to admit. Having great relationships with your workforce is excellent for morale, and all great leaders inspire their teams. However, this closeness can cloud your judgment when it comes to performance. Having an objective program to keep track of productivity and output leaves you free to motivate your team and get the best out of them.

The AdvanStaff HR employee performance tracking software makes this integral part of day-to-day running quantifiable and objective. Employees stay in the know of expectations and how they fit within the organization using real-time factual evidence. No one can accuse you of treating them unfairly when these carefully calculated results are provided in black and white.

You can’t put a value on peace of mind and AdvanStaff HR proves a very positive ROI year over year.

Even the smallest payroll, ADA, OSHA and EOCC, ACA, DOL mistake can see your company penalized with disproportionate fines. The best employees will be the first to leave if they are not rewarded and valued. Keep your top employees doing what they love and specialize in.

Saving on employee benefits as well as staff retention provides a huge boost to your long-term profitability. Tracking the success of your team by measuring their performance in real time allows you to ensure you look after the staff who are looking after you.

Taking good care of your employees just got easier.

Part of growing a healthy business is rewarding a strong team that is helping you get there. That’s where AdvanStaff HR steps in. We offer support and services designed to grow with your needs in mind.

Businesses that partner with a PEO grow 7-9% faster, have 10-14% lower employee turnover, and are 50% less likely to go out of business.

A personalized approach designed just for you.

No two businesses are the same. We design a personalized HR plan that actually meets your needs.

We start by sitting down together with our onboarding team and review your specific priorities. We’ll then build a strategic plan and assemble a team from across our different departments, all led by a dedicated hr specialist (your personal HR quarterback).

Did you know that HR regulations have quadrupled in recent years?

And, there are no signs of it slowing down.

Increasing regulation presents unique challenges for small businesses, and increased complexity for mid-sized, large, and enterprise businesses. We have the experience and insights to serve businesses of all sizes. We leverage integrated technology, dedicated support teams, and innovative products and over 30 years of experience to serve your needs from every angle.

AdvanStaff HR is the solution for HR compliance.

Are you ready for help with…

  • Payroll Management?
  • Tax, compliance, and benefit assistance?
  • Overall compliance questions, especially in light of law and policy changes?
  • Employee training and onboarding procedures
  • Protocols for reporting and investigation

We can help with all of that, while also ensuring that your necessary policies are in place and up-to-date:

  • Workers’ Compensation Compliance
  • ADA/FMLA/ACA Compliance
  • General Human Resources Compliance
  • Department of Labor Compliance
  • Equal Employment Opportunity & Affirmative Action Compliance
  • Fair Labor Standards Act Compliance

As a PEO, AdvanStaff HR offers a very wide scope of services to make running your business easier. We can generally break down the services into the following categories:

  • Payroll processing & tax reporting, payroll pay cards, direct deposit, earned wage access, year-end tax form processing.
  • Benefit plan administration, initial & open enrollments, premium collection, premium audits, assiting employees with questions, benefit changes.
  • Access to high-quality, large company type benefits, master medical policies, health, dental, life, vision, disability, specialty coverages, voluntary programs, flex-spending accounts, and more.
  • Turnkey 401k retirement plans w/ full fiduciary services
  • Workers compensation insurance, safety programs assistance, claims management, back-to-work programs, safety consulting, etc.
  • HR consulting, employee handbooks, employment posters, risk management services, policy design, best practices, etc.
  • World Class HR information system platform (HRIS), paperless system, document management, robust reporting, manager portal, employee self-service portal, employee app, RESTful API, etc.
  • Time & attendance systems that connect to Payroll/HR via API, PTO tracking, PTO approval processes.
  • Learning Management and Training, Applicant Tracking & Recruiting
  • Tax credit programs like WOTC and

Talk to our solutions team, if there is a service or feature you need, we can probably help!

Maybe. Our pricing model brings a wide scope of services at a very affordable price.

As the co-employer, AdvanStaff HR simply must handle payroll and several other services. In order to keep admin fees low, we include our core services like HR and payroll in a combined fee. Other programs like employee benefit administration, time & attendance, and other program may have a nominal monthly fee based on the complexity and desired features.

This model insures you are only paying for services that you need.

Absolutely not!

Unlike most PEOs, AdvanStaff HR does NOT require and long-term contracts. Most agreements can be cancelled with 30 or 60 days notice.


Once you partner with AdvanStaff HR you open up your employee benefit package to the most flexible, high-quality lineup of benefits only available to large businesses.

Employees love the wide variety of the employee benefit packages our client partners offer.

Managers love our benefit administration services because we handle all enrollments, deductions, carrier interactions, premium audits, employee communications, etc.

Worksite employees enroll and learn all about their benefit programs directly in the employee portal.


The AdvanStaff 401k is one of our most valued benefit programs.

Employees love the ability to access and view their 401k details right in the employee portal. Because of the size of the AdvanStaff plan, costs are very low (which boosts returns.) Employees also receive weekly updates every Friday by email.

Managers love that AdvanStaff HR is the plan fiduciary. This means we handle ALL the plan administration, employee communication, plan testing, plan audits, agency reporting, investment committee meetings, and more. Managers are relieved of all plan administration responsibilities and liability.

The Advanstaff HR 401k is usually provided at no cost to the employer.

We work with companies of all sizes. We welcome companies from 5 – 1500 employees. Regardless of the size of our client partners, we have a solutioon that works.

Our admin fees scale down and the client scales up so the economic nbenefit to the client is always present.

I am sorry, we do not.

However, we do have international PEO partners that can help with international employees.

We are happy to assist with issuing 1099s forms and payments to independent contractors on a case-by-case basis.


We have a network of carriers that generally cover all types of workers.