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Helping businesses simplify, streamline, and grow since 1993

HR Support Tailored for Nevada

We make running your business easier. From full-service HR services to our easy-to-use HR software, we help you manage, pay, hire, and protect your employees, freeing you to focus on your business.

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What is a PEO?

AdvanStaff HR is a Professional Employment Organization (PEO) tailored for Nevada businesses. Our services include human resources support, payroll processing, compliance assistance, employee benefits admin, workers’ compensation, and more. By partnering with us, you can outsource many HR functions, so you can focus on your core business operations. 

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If you are looking to team up with a technically sound HR/Benefits and Payroll company that offers superior customer service, look no further than Advanstaff. I have been working with Brad Hafen and the Advanstaff team for several years. The Advanstaff team has consistently provided friendly, reliable and prompt customer service. I cannot think of a time when they were unable to help with payroll processing and HR/benefits questions. Call Advanstaff today!

We are very happy with Amy Beaman... She is very responsible to our needs here at Faith Community it is a great feeling to have her on the benefits side for our over 100 employees ...

I have had the privilege of working with Advanstaff for the last year after converting from a poorly performing PEO. Brad Hafen has been my HR Specialist since Day One. Brad is always responsive to my calls and emails and when he can't provide an answer right away, he lets me know -- which is unheard of these days! I value my working partnerships when they make me feel like I am their one and only customer. Brad does this for me! I'm not even sure he realizes it. I can admit that I just don't think I could be as productive in my job if I didn't have Brad ! Thanks Brad. YOU ROCK!

We have used Advanstaff for over 5 years now. They are extremely professional and always give amazing service. Our representative, Jen, is absolutely incredible. They have a wonderful team, and having HR assistance has been extremely helpful.

Front Desk Clerk she poppin!! Thanks Jennifer at Advanstaff HR... Payroll that is..

Ariana has been our employee point of contact for years and she is amazing! Always pleasant and prompt with answering question, finding solutions and supporting our staff!

It's been a pleasure working with Advanstaff for the past couple of years. I work closely with Susan and Margarita for all our payroll/HR needs and appreciate their ability to maintain their efficiency and timeliness. Advanstaff provides us with personal, friendly, and excellent customer service.

I rarely give reviews on products or services but in this instance, I feel the professionalism, attention to detail and personal assistance we receive from Advanstaff should be recognized. Without the assistance of their Payroll Administrator Maria Ayala-Graves my life would be much more complicated. I would recommend working with Advanstaff and specifically Maria to any business. Thank you for all you do.

Ariana is honestly such great help. She is always there to answer my questions at anytime of the day. Ariana is so kind and professional as well. She does a great job of explaining things I might not have that much knowledge about. Ariana has educated me a lot in areas I would not expect. It is such a pleasure working with her and the advanced staff team. Thank you for all you do Ariana!!

Everyone is very helpful, and they help with all HR needs.

Susan B is my dedicated Payroll Administrator. I cannot say enough about her professionalism and patience with me.

Sommer Cripps is amazing!

So glad I chose to use Advanstaff. I have very little HR knowledge and Ariana was super helpful with navigating the process. I truly could not have been happier with how kind and professional she was.

Barbara and the entire Advanstaff team do wonders for our business. Their professionalism and ease with which to get in contact make working with them an easy choice.

We have used AdvanStaff for our human resource needs for all of the companies we own and we would not consider switching to any other company. . We have been loyal customers now for about 25 years and have found that AdvanStaff remains professional and dedicated to us, its customers and they continue to outperform all their competitors especially for the level of customer service that AdvanStaff provides. Over the years AdvanStaff has grown and changed significantly, with more automation helping them to service more customers; however they continue to maintain the personal service that they had when they first started as a smaller family owned company. I have had the pleasure to work with a few of their staff and the personal attention each of them have provided has been incredible. Our current manager is Jennifer Ernst, who recently took over our account. Each transition to a new manager has been seamless since AdvanStaff has excellent retention of its own staff (a sign of a great company) and we have know Jennifer for many years. Like many of the staff she is delightful to work with, always professional and courteous, and goes above and beyond to ensure that our needs are met. AdvanStaff also has provided us with all our human resource needs to guide us through some difficult employee issues which regrettably sometimes happen. They remain up to date with all the regulations (especially Covid) and have been very helpful in guiding their customers through such times.

Our experience with Advanstaff has been nothing short of great! We are a small company and undertaking an in house HR team is something we could not do. Advanstaff takes all the headache out of managing HR. Their platforms are simple to use and their staff is always available to answer questions. We also use them to process our payroll and our account manager, Maria, is amazing. She immediately answers questions or requests and is very thorough at making sure our payroll needs are met. As a small business owner, partnering with someone who manages the HR needs an Payroll for your company is a little scary. It's hard to know who you can trust in this world. Advanstaff delivers on their promises and takes the fear and headache out of the processes!

We are so pleased to have AdvanStaff as our HR support company! Our specific team there is super efficient and very thorough whenever we call them for advice. Maria Ayala Graves, our Payroll Administrator, has provided a wealth of resources and guidance to our office for many years now and we are so thankful for her pleasant nature and her detailed assistance whenever we need her.

Great company with a team that takes pride in their work. They have been fully available for emails, phone calls and in person meetings when requested. Over the past year I've worked with Advanstaff, my interactions with Brad have been helpful, when seeking his HR guidance. He has helped to build my knowledge and confidence, which helped me build a stronger team.

Susan, Kelly and Ariana do an outstanding job for us here at Chayo. They are always willing to help us with anything that comes up. We are grateful to have all of their knowledge at our disposal.

Kylie is such a sweetheart and has been of great help to myself and my company!

This is an extraordinarily knowledgeable company run by integrity-driven professionals. I am pleased that our company uses them for all of our HR needs, top to bottom.

Ariana is our HR Specialist for our large restaurant group. She responds in a timely manner and always helps in any way. Thank you Ariana!

AdvanStaff is the one stop shop for all your HR needs. This company goes over and beyond for their clients. Michelle has the expertise and shows the utmost professionalism for everything. I would not go with any other company. Do yourself a favor and give them a call.

I have been a satisfied client of Advanstaff for over 10 years. Michelle does our payroll and is very conscientious in handling our requests and prompt in returning messages. The HR department has been helpful in advising how to proceed with employee related issues, which is something that I don't have training in as a small business owner. I only wish that we had other options for health insurance beyond just the one company that dominates our community.

AdvanStaff HR reps are always there - quick to respond to questions and are very helpful. It's a pleasure to work with such a great team!

Kelly Baker is truly a professional and a joy to work with!

The company I work for utilizes AdvanStaff HR for all of our payroll, insurance and HR needs. My most frequent contact is Susan Blaisdell who has expertly handled our payroll needs for the past 12 + years. I really appreciate all she does to assist me in processing payroll every month. Susan does a fantastic job - even when I have unusual payroll processing needs. I have on occasion needed HR advice for the Company, and Brad Hafen has been wonderful to work with - he is very prompt and helpful. I also work with Amy Beaman and Lisa Cummings regarding insurance and other benefits. They also are very prompt and helpful when I need information. I am so glad we decided to outsource payroll, insurance and HR - it has made my accounting job at my company much easier! I highly recommend AdvanStaff HR.

I have loved working with Kylie! She has been very easy to get ahold of and quick to answer any questions that I have

Advanstaff has provided consistently excellent service for all of my company's HR needs. Coby Smith, in particular, has proven to be a trusted asset to our company. It is significant peace of mind knowing that whenever a situation arises or a question needs to be answered, Coby and the rest of the Advanstaff team are always there to help.

Started up my medical practice. Wonderful to work with. Takes all the complexity of HR off my plate.

Advanstaff has been our PEO/HR service provider for several years now. They have helped keep me focused, on track, and out of trouble through this time. They operate as a TEAM and are very customer focused. For a long time I would always email Susan B with a question. More often than not, she was not the best person to handle my issue, but she always passed on my question to the right person which was then addressed quickly and professionally. I now understand my "team" at Advanstaff and go to the proper person the first time, but the concept of "team" within Advanstaff has served me well. Get to know them. They want to be your successful partner in business.

Absolutely loved working with this company! Ariana was an absolute pleasure to work with and was super patient and answered any questions I had. She was super knowledgeable from beginning to end and definitely embodied what excellent customer service should look like!

Ariana P & Jennifer E have been my go-to girls at Advanstaff for 4 years now. They are extremely professional with every situation I throw at them and are quick, thorough, and efficient in everything they do! I highly recommend the HR services of Advanstaff, especially these two ladies!

AdvanStaff, and in particular, Jennifer E are AMAZING. They always go the extra mile to assist me with any and all payroll and HR needs that I have. They are all very friendly, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with!

Michelle Discuillo, gets my vote of approval, always available, answers any questions, very knowledgeable, easy to do business with, very helpful. BryarWood Inc

I have worked directly with Advanstaff for over two years. They have always been accommodating to any request that I have and have always taken the time to walk me through any problem I may run into. Maria Ayla-Graves, our Payroll Administrator, is easy to work with and always responds promptly to any question that arises. I love working with her and the rest of the Advanstaff team and would recommend them to any and all employers.

Everyone is helpful, knowledgeable, and quick to respond. Having Advanstaff on board has made my work week better.

Susan B. at Advanstaff HR is truly a pleasure to work with! Not only is she extremely knowledgeable and technically competent, but she is also very accessible and always willing to go the extra mile to help guide you through any situation arises in a TIMELY fashion. She is definitely the best! Please note that this star rating is for Susan not the company as a whole.

Maria has been amazing to work with since she took over our account unexpectedly. She is always prompt at returning my emails and calls and goes over and beyond to assist with our payroll needs. She is such a pleasure to work with.

I operate a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business and have worked with Advanstaff HR since 2018. Advanstaff HR has fulfilled all of my company's needs with exceptional skill and dedication. I could not run my company without their daily attention to detail. Susan, my Advanstaff Payroll Administrator, is incredible! We work hand-in-hand to insure my payrolls are 100% on time! Susan has been a blessing in disguise! She genuinely cares about the smooth operation and success of my business and is critical to the operation of my business. A special thank you to the entire staff of Advanstaff HR for coming along side me in to help run my small business! And a special THANK YOU to Susan for EVERYTHING you do! Phil Taber CEO Nighthawk Integrated Solutions LLC

As someone who runs small businesses in a very fast pace, ever-changing industry, I rely heavily on Advanstaff for guidance and direction. Coby, Maria, and Michelle (among many others) are ALWAYS available and go above and beyond to ensure my difficult job is made easier. Their collective talent and experience is second to none! HIGHLY recommend to all businesses, no matter how big or small of an operation one may have.

I have worked with Advanstaff for the last 3 years and have been incredibly pleased with the overall service. As a small business owner, I need lots of guidance and support and the team at Advanstaff continually goes the extra mile to ensure my needs are met, especially people like Brad Hafen and Susan Blaisdell.

I am 100% positive that my business would crumble if it was not for Susan B and all of the wonderful associates at Advanstaff. Building our business for over twenty years has not been easy and knowing that she’s a phone call away has put my mind at ease more times than I can count. The staff there truly cares and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

We have used Advanstaff for years and they have always been responsive to any questions or concerns we have. Nate Broadhead , Brad Hafen and their staff are the BEST!

I've worked with Mickey and Kelly for years and they have been outstanding to work with. Advanstaff runs like a well oiled machine and Mickey and Kelly are top-of-the-line, quality people. It's easy to see why Advanstaff is such a great company with employees with character like Mickey and Kelly.

Michele at Advanstaff is our "Johnny on the Spot" . When we need something done, she gets it done. We love you guys. Thanks for the hard work.

Conscientious, concise, and a pleasure to work with.

We have been working with Advanstaff for close to 10 years. We're assigned an amazing team of people who help keep this aspect of the business running optimally. They've taken care of everything we've needed. Always keeping us informed and updated. Highly recommended. With Advanstaff, hiring, payroll and all personnel adjustments are made simple. We work more with Sommer Cripps. She's our Payroll Administrator and I'm not sure I've ever heard her voicemail. She answers the phone every time I call. She's always very patient and helpful. When you work with people who can be pleasant while you're trying to work through personnel adjustments, it really makes the process less stressful. We could easily do another 10 years with as smoothly as things have gone.

Advanstaff as a whole is extremely helpful and well put together. I recently talked to Coby and he is super dedicated to the job and made sure to answer any questions I had!! Would definitely recommend using this service!!

Margie and Sommer both have been so helpful and are always very quick at responding to all my questions and needs!