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The first impression is a lasting one and at Advanstaff HR, our staff works tirelessly to make sure your first experience is positive. Whether in-person, at our enrollment center or online using our state-of-the art online enrollment process. We strive to make sure your employees' experience is memorable.


I-9 Compliance 

Becoming more and more complex and risky, Advanstaff HR ensures your employee's I-9s are done correctly. How can we make that claim? Easy, our system won't LET us make a mistake. This is critical considering making a mistake on an I-9 could mean $500 out of your pocket.

Enrollment Office

At Advanstaff, we offer multiple scheduled enrollment sessions per day to allow employees flexiblity to get "signed up" for work. The strength of Advanstaff HR is our experienced staff. We'll ensure each employee's enrollment is comfortable, compliant, and complete. Unfortunately, the legal hurdles in the employment process continue to rise, luckily for Advanstaff subscribers, those burdens are not simply lessened, they are removed. Of course, as always with Advanstaff, the enrollment is customized to your company's policies, we only execute them precisely under your direction and make sure everything is done correctly and in compliance with labor laws.

Electronic Enrollment

While we love people at Advanstaff and prefer personal interaction, we also realize this is not always feasible or convenient. Thus, we provide an electronic enrollment option, fully customizable and brandable to your company's desires. We personalize your onboarding experience with an introduction video, automated emails, and prompt policy acceptance. You can also upload forms, documents and other materials to make your new hire's onboarding experience fast and hassle-free. The system also has e-signature functionality to collect signatures directly in the system so you'll always have complete and auditable records.

Advanstaff HR's electronic onboarding module ensures your company is always compliant with new government regulations, taxes and policies. We also offer federal, state, local and custom forms all in one place so nothing is missed or lost during the onboarding process. Additionally, the onboarding system tracks every update so it is fully auditable. This streamlines the onboarding process and keeps your employees' data organized.

Since the enrollment process is customized to your company policies, payroll and HR data flows seamlessly and accurately. There is no need to re-key information into different systems, which saves your business time and money, and eliminates potential errors. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your information is complete, secure, accurate, and in one centralized system.


AdvanStaff HR and Employer Services

8925 West Russell Rd,Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV 89148

Voice: 702.598.0000
General Fax: 702.598.0777
HR Fax: 702.598.0646

Office Hours:
8:30 AM to 5:00 PM PST Monday-Friday

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