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Open Architecture

Advanstaff's API (Application Programming Interface) allows third party applications to "talk" or "exchange data" with Advanstaff. The API can be used by either customers who want to build additional capabilities or third-party providers who want to seamlessly integrate their products or services with our enterprise solution.


Limitless Scalability

Modern SaaS infrastructures scale rapidly with the vendor, which adds relatively inexpensive storage. The result? Your organization doesn't have to worry about buying or maintaining hardware or server space.

Data Redundency

Redundancy in cloud computing can be defined as the supplying of duplicate copies of various data, equipment, systems, or the like, to be used in the event that part of one’s cloud computing system fails or cannot be accessed. This redundancy is made available by having fully replicated data several times on multiple computers or units involved in the same data center.

With cloud, there is no longer a need to construct a pricey “high available redundant system,” as one would need to do with a traditional IT operational system, because a fail-first mentality has been inherently built into the structure of cloud computing. The cloud was structured on the understanding that certain components in the system will give out at some point.

Those components most likely to fail include physical disks, power equipment, and memory units. By first ensuring that every file associated with such physical components has been copied three times, most cloud operating systems are protecting themselves in the event that, perhaps, the entire system itself might fall by the wayside.


Cost Efficiency

Leveraging the resources of multiple datacenter tenents on a single platform ensures our software is always up-to-date with the latest tax table and local rules. You'll also save money on system maintenance. This falls directly into line with Advanstaff HR's overall philosophy. Focus on what you do best, let Advanstaff do the rest. As IT departments are relieved of mundane maintenance activity, they are free to focus on more important IT products that drive revenue and profitability.


Using Advanstaff's API (Application Programming Interface), we are able to integrate multiple 3rd party platforms allowing us to connect with the applications that are unique and necessary to your business. APIs are the translator that let our system talk to yours.

Data Security

 Of course, Advanstaff HR follows rigourous controls to ensure your data is secure. All data is hosted in a SSAE16 Type II Certification.



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