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"The Best Time to Plant a Tree, was 20 years ago"


With 20 years of experience in the business, Advanstaff HR allows business owners to focus on the reason they followed their passion to start a business. With constantly changing rules and regulations, it's easy for managers to lose focus on their core business. This sadly leads to businesses never achieving their true potential. Advanstaff HR relieves the necessary, but non-core, burdens of business and allows entrepreneurs to focus on the things that will allow them to drive revenue and growth. By tying payroll, benefits, and human resources together through a robust, flexible-technology platform, managers are only keystrokes away from all the employee related data they need to manage large groups of employees with as few administrators as possible.

As Las Vegas' first and oldest Professional Employer Organization, we have carefully developed a consistent staff who have become experts in understanding and clarifying our clients' unique needs, cultures, and compliance issues. With our sole goal of making our clients happy, and striving daily to prove to our customers that we care about them individually and that we will do anything to help them, we have earned their trust. It is also through this same value, consistent work ethic, and constantly meeting our commitments in each of our departments, that we have developed trusting relationships with vendors and government agencies that allow us to solve critical issues quicker and smarter than the competition. These are relationships developed over a long period of time and tested. Those who do business with Advanstaff know that we will always do what we say we will.


Why Advanstaff HR?

When you decided to start your business, how much thought did you give to the increasingly important functions of payroll, benefits, risk management, and administrative human resources? My guess, none. In fact, I doubt those functions had any part of your dream business. That's where Advanstaff HR steps in. We worry about the parts of employment that take your focus away from your core business and allow your company to grow faster and more profitably than it would without us.


How do we do it?

When you engage Advanstaff HR, the focus of your management team can turn away from the frivilous, but necessary, administrative parts of employment and you can focus completely on developing your company. And while these functions aren't your core focus, they are ours. So you get experts in every service area we provide. All Advanstaff employees are required to earn industry standard certification in their area of expertise and maintain their knowledge through mandatory continuing education each year.


Why we are different

At Advanstaff HR, we firmly believe that PEOs need a heavy local presence to achieve true efficiency. For Advanstaff, that means we deal almost exclusively with management teams that are headquartered in Las Vegas. We are a Las Vegas based employer focused primarily on issues that face Nevadans. Our partnerships are with the best talent in the city be it brokers, attorneys, TPAs, etc. When you deal with us, your management team will be dealing directly with the best talent that is available in the area and always within driving distance.



Too often employers find themselves in trouble when they entrust multiple core operational functions to a single person that can come or go at any time. Advanstaff distributes those duties over a staff of trained professionals that ensures business contunity and depth in areas where it's simply not cost effective to staff internally with redundency and proper internal control. Advanstaff HR never calls in sick, never goes on FLMA, and will always be available when you need them, night or day. The average tenure of an Advanstaff HR manager is 12 years with the company. With a national company, you're lucky if they've been there for a year. We, like you, are in business for the long haul.


Committment to Community

Advanstaff HR is heavily invested in our community. Not only through the jobs we provide, but through our commitment to public interest projects. We care about our community and the people that live in it, both within and out of our company. Investing in a relationship with Advanstaff is an investment in our community.


So what companies fit best with Advanstaff?

Well, that's easy. Companies that share our values. Companies that want only the best for their employees. Companies that think about the future. Great companies do business with Advanstaff HR because great companies know, there's nothing more important than their people for the long-term success of their business.


Want to learn more? Please contact us at (702)598-0000 (and yes, we've been around long enough to get a phone number that good) or click here to complete a short form and have a representative contact you.


AdvanStaff HR and Employer Services

8925 West Russell Rd,Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV 89148

Voice: 702.598.0000
General Fax: 702.598.0777
HR Fax: 702.598.0646

Office Hours:
8:30 AM to 5:00 PM PST Monday-Friday

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