CARES ACT Info Submit Form

AdvanStaff HR wants to help manage many aspects of the CARES Act provisions as possible. These items are complicated and our systems are ready for the task. In order for us to help, we need to know just a little bit about how you are using the CARES Act.

Help us help you

Clients who complete the simple form below will enable AdvanStaff HR to proactively help your company and others with PPP and ERTC loan data.

AdvanStaff HR will be able to:

  • Send you payroll reports for the forgiveness portion of the PPP at the end of the 8-week period
  • Enroll you in ERTC programs
  • Help work out issues between you and your bank related to PPP funding when possible
  • Learn what information banks need for loan forgiveness processing. The more basic data we have on bank processes, the better we can help other customers of our that use that same bank.

Please answer the CARES Act PPP/ERTC participation questions below:

1Program Partticipation
2Company Contact Info