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Why You Need Performance Management

Although extremely valuable, employee performance management systems can be a challenge to implement, maintain, and execute over time.  A simple, valuable, and easy to follow system is the key for success.  AdvanStaff HR has partnered with Juvod HR to offer a performance management system that improves employee satisfaction, manager communication, worksite productivity, and protects the employer from employment risk.

In order to be successful, a performance management system must be easy to learn, implement, and manage.  It must engage the manager and the employee and properly communicate expectations and the job elements needed for success. It must also be adaptable, adoptable, and provide a positive ROI.

The AdvanStaff HR Solution:

  • Performance Reviews Re-invented to be simple, painless and objective.
  • Performance Improvement NoticesNotices are dated and tied directly to the Job Description.
  • Job DescriptionsRapidly assemble your valid Job Descriptions from an expert-built base.
  • Fast, Easy, and EffectiveA valid Performance Review in 15 minutes.
  • Performance Reviews Re-invented to be simple, painless and objective.
  • Legally defensible phrases for employee feedback to guide managers on how to perform evaluations.

Why Employee Performance from AdvanStaff HR powered by Juvod?

The AdvanStaff HR HR Cloud Platform integrates your data automatically, thus eliminating much of the legwork to get started.  Your employee data will seamlessly transfer from the HR system to the Juvod System.  It’s beautiful!

JuvodHR gives you the tools to point out how and when employees are not meeting expectations when performing their job. Protect your business from unfair unemployment claims. Improve productivity and profitability.

Powerful framework connects employee engagement.

Job descriptions are created and connected to performance reviews automatically. Corrective action notices are linked to the individual employee’s job description. Performance Reviews use academically validated Work Styles to compare employee performances across different types of jobs. Ranking employees across the entire business is fully automated.

Research shows companies have higher revenues when:

    1. employees know what is expected of them and
    2. employees are reviewed on those expectations.

Bottom line, conservatively figure a benefit of $1,200 a year per employee in increased productivity and lower absenteeism.

Review with confidence.

You write up an employee to point out when they are not meeting their work requirements.

What do you point to?

    • The JuvodHR Job Description has the Tasks and Work Styles which define expectations.
    • The Performance Review gives you feedback language to share with them.
    • Performance Improvement Notices document daily problems.

Protect against false unemployment claims.

The AdvanStaff HR / JuvodHR system gives you:

    1. A job description which produces a valid performance review.
    2. Legally defensible phrases for employee evaluation and motivation.
    3. Performance Improvement Notices tied directly to the job description.

Use reviews all year to help you document your employees performance. If poor performance requires firing an employee for cause, your documentation can be used to fight false unemployment claims.

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