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What provider is my vision coverage through?

Vision coverage offered through Advanstaff goes through a company called MetLife. However, not all employees are participating in AdvanStaff HR plans, your employer may be different.

If you have an insurance card, please refer to the card to find the carrier and policy number for your vision coverage. If you don’t have an insurance card and you suspect your coverage is through AdvanStaff HR, you can confirm your carrier by logging into the employee portal and clicking on “Benefits.”

MetLife is a paperless company, meaning no cards are required for you to use your benefits!

When making an appointment, inform your vision office that your coverage is through MetLife under Advanstaff, Inc. They will easily be able to look you up with your Social Security Number and Date of Birth.

If needed, your coverage tier is called PPO. This is rarely asked but it is helpful to know!