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Z14 – Proximity / Swipe

The Z14 is a practical timekeeping solution that offers employers valuable labor management technologies through two device options, including a proximity-based unit or magnetic stripe card reader.

With the Z14 employers benefit from a practical, affordable, real-time solution (Ethernet-enabled) with superior internal processor and memory capacity.

$375 (includes programming)
Proximity Card

$459 (includes programming)
Magstripe Card

Badge Cards

Your cards can be custom-printed with specific information, such as employee names and numbers.

Custom card printing is also available in four color, two color or black and white.


TimeWorksTouch offers simplified and accurate punching with self-service and approvals.

  • Magnetic swipe or proximity card
  • Key fob options also available
  • Ethernet punch transmission
  • High durability
  • PIN Entry
  • Wall mount option
  • Instant feedback
  • WebClock optional


Ideal for quick and easy implementation. Cards can be customized in a variety of ways, with options for key fobs as well.