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HandPunch GT-400

The HandPunchTM GT-400 from Schlage® is a sophisticated timekeeping solution that allows organizations to record and verify an employee’s punch by the size and shape of their hand in real-time. The employee’s hand becomes their badge.

The HandPunch GT-400 is robust, enabling employers to more effectively capture a biometric punch in diverse environments where employees may possess worn, dirty and damaged prints. This can all be done while preserving the employee’s privacy by not using finger or hand prints.

Hand scan verifies size and shape

$2800 (includes Programming)


  • Hand geometry scan
  • PrintReader biometric compatible
  • Instant feedback
  • WebClock optional
  • PIN Entry
  • Pro wall mount
  • External bell support


Well-suited for increased security or when employees possess worn, damaged or dirty prints. Also for states or jurisdictions where using fingerprint biometrics is regulated and/or must be considered voluntary.