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We will post various tips and trick for using the Performance Review module.

Daily Notes

Click on ‘Employees’ in the top navigation bar and then click on any Employee name. You will find a place to keep daily notes so you have the information you need when you are ready to do your next Performance Review.

Unfinished Job Descriptions

Any unfinished Job Descriptions will be automatically saved in your ‘Draft’ Jobs folder. Just click on ‘Jobs’ in the top navigation bar and you will find the button for Draft Jobs. We save everything.

About the Juvod HR Rating Scale

The performance rating scale is scientifically backed and proven to be more effective than other rating scales. Once you rate your employees on the custom aspects of the job they perform, you will be presented with a nice looking report that will be shared with the employee.

The employee will then know their expectations, you will communicate how to improve and obtain those expectations. The employee will appreciate the feedback and transparency in knowing what they need to do to meet those expectations. The manager is well on their way to successfully coaching the employee to a better organizational fit.

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