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Ready to get started? Lets talk about pricing and the next steps.


Pricing is based on a Per Employee Per Month (PEPM) basis.

$ 3.75 / PEPM – passed through the AdvanStaff Payroll Invoice.

Billing is calculated by:

  • The number of employees imported from the HR Cloud to your Juvod HR active employee roster.
    • Employees not be participating in the performance management process can be excluded via the Juvod dashboard
    • Managers who review, but are not reviewed are not charge a PEPM fee.
  • Wage compensation reporting is included.

Billing trigger date

The billing trigger date is the 1st of every month. We recommend enabling the service the first week of the month. This will give the manager plenty of time to create job descriptions, remove any employees from the lineup, and to test the system.

Any employees active on the roster in Juvod on the 1st of the month will generate a billable item. All charges will be presented on the regular payroll invoice,

Accessing the service

AdvanStaff HR customers can access the Performance Management engine powered by Juvod HR by login into the manager portal.

Login to the Manager Portal -> HR (tab) -> Performance Management (link)

In order for Data to be synced, you must elect to have the service enabled and agree to the pricing above. Once the service is enabled, your employees will auto populate and you can start building your job descriptions.

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