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Integrations and field mapping

The Performance Management System powered by Juvod HR is integrated with the AdvanStaff HR HR Cloud Platform via API.

The benefits of a data bridging and integrations

By bridging systems, we capture efficiencies and reduce administrative burden for the HR manager.

There is no longer and need to manually add employees, update new hires and terminations, manage pay rates, etc. The system will routinely update important employee information.

Fields that automatically update:

  • First and Last Name,
  • Hire Date,
  • Term Date,
  • Base Wage, (wages can be hidden from manager view)
  • Employment Status (Active/Terminated),
  • Exempt or Non-exempt,
  • email address if available.

Fields that do not update, and why:

  • Job Descriptions. These are the heart of the performance review module. Job descriptions are build within the Juvod solution and is a powerful tool and component of defining the job expectations and requirements. Once the job description is built, it can be cloned and re-used as needed.
  • Job Titles. the Job Titles in the HR Cloud are set up for Work Comp and are often not relevant to the actual functional job description.  It is possible and often recommended you sync the two though for simplicity.
  • Assigned Performance Manager. Once a new employee is imported into the dashboard, it will be flagged for manager assignment. Assigned managers for time & attendance, supervision, or otherwise may not always be the performance manager. For this reason, each employee must be assigned one-time to a performance manager.