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Help! The new hire employee is having problems, what next?

If the employee can’t kick off the onboarding process, then there is likely a logical reason. Let’s take a look.

example screenshot

This is usually caused by the new hire employee entering a Last Name or SSN that is different from the information the manager entered on the New Hire form.

To see or edit the data entered on the new hire form, go to WORKFLOW MAINTENANCE. (see image)

Enter the following information and click Search.

  • Workflow Type: Onboarding
  • Action: Edit
  • Client ID: Client ID

Select Edit for the new hire who is having an issue with registration.

  1. Verify new hire’s name and SSN with the new hire.
  2. Correct the information and save.
  3. Have the new hire retry the registration.

If an issue persists, you can direct the manager or new hire to call AdvanStaff HR.

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