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Manager Subscription Overview

Owners and key managers have the capability of adding subscribers or managers to communication lists based on various topics.

Each worksite has their own communication preferences. Allowing “Owners and Key Managers” password protected access to newsletter subscription pages is an effective way to let each client company manage how information is distributed through the leadership chain.

Manager Newsletters Topics and Overview

List NamePurposeAccessLink
Owners & Key ManagersTop level announcements, new product Information, new service updates and changes, key system updates and feature releases, critical HR notices. RestrictedAdd Members
Manager 101 Education SeriesHR training, seminars, risk management guidance, and regulatory updates for worksite managers. Once a manager is added to the list, they will remain on the list for future event invites.Key Manager PreferenceAdd Members

Due to the many customer preferences on information and communications, the mailing lists at AdvanStaff HR are managed 100% independently from the approved company payroll, HR, or benefit contacts. Any and all adds and subtractions to the mailing lists below must be made by request or via self service. There are no automated updates.

You will need a general password to access the subscription page for each list. The password can be found on the bottom of any email sent to “Owners and Key Managers.”

How to add members to the list:
1. Use the form below (requires a password)
2. Submit a request here

The table below lists the communication topics and purpose of each mailing list.

*The password required to access the subscription pages will change annually.