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How do I start a paperless new hire?

Ready to onboard your first paperless new hire employee? Let’s go!

New-hire Screenshot
  1. Login to the Manager Portal.
  2. Navigate to the “The New Hire” screen located in MY EMPLOYEES > ACTION > NEW HIRE. You can also search for “New Hire” in the search window. We recommend saving that page as a favorite.
  3. Start processing your new hire.

Required fields are highlighted in red. Click on underlined blue key words for field fill options.

A few helpful notes:

  • Add a personal email address for the employee the new hire will receive an email with registration instructions so they can begin enrolling anytime, anywhere.
  • Pay Rate Basis is:
    • Hourly for Hourly employees and
    • Yearly for Salary employees.
  • If you receive a message indicating that the employee is already in the system (aka cross-hire), please have the new hire fill out paper forms and send to AdvanStaff HR. Cross-hire functionality is coming soon.
  • 1099 employees are not yet supported. Please have them fill out paper forms and send to AdvanStaff HR.

If all information is entered the new hire will be assigned a “pre-hire record” shown at the bottom of the screen after the “Save” button is clicked.

The pre-hire record will remain until all sections of the new hire workflow are completed.

The remaining fields on this screen will be submitted by the employee via the Employee Self Service (aka ESS) portal.

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