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When it comes to building your handbook, we have many levels of service depending on the needs of the business client. For example, some clients who want to build the handbook themselves, and some want help and guidance along the way. We are happy to work with both.

Because the handbook builder is cloud based, there are no static word documents or outdated version numbers to deal with. You will be working within an expertly designed system to organize and build a handbook thats perfect for you.

Don’t worry, you can change your mind at any time as you start building your handbook. We are always happy to step in give guidance.

Option 1: We work together to build your handbook

  • $200 – fee for first year (Discounted from $425)
  • Includes 2 hours of review from AdvanStaff HR professionals.
  • Includes FREE annual license renewals and regulatory updates to the templated policies as long as you remain active with Advanstaff HR.  (Discounted from $425 /yr.)

Service Includes:

  • AdvanStaff HR Master Template to be used as a starting point.
  • AdvanStaff will add company specific policies like PTO, holiday, and others specific to the organization. These additions would be specific to the data that we are tracking in the AdvanStaff HR Information System Platform.  This customization counts towards the 2 free hours of setup.
  • Orientation and basic setup from an a member of the AdvanStaff HR team
  • Final review by an AdvanStaff HR team member.
  • Monthly email and handbook policy updates.



Option 2: AdvanStaff HR Integrates your existing handbook

  • Same as option 1, plus:
  • + $75 / per hour professional customization charge. We want to minimize charges as much as possible, so we ask the information be as “ready to go” as possible. Our handbook pros will work as quickly as possible and you can help by ear-marking custom policies that you would like transferred to your new handbook.  We also appreciate getting information to be transferred in electronic format when possible.

Service Includes:

  • Everything in Option 1.
  • Then, the client or advisor earmarks all custom policies in current handbook that should be reviewed / transfers. This keeps billable time as low as possible.
  • An HR team member then imports those policies into the handbook builder while tracking time.

An HR team member will then review your handbook for you and give feedback and suggestions.

The electronic handbook will them be linked to your employees via the employee web portal and the electronic on-boarding system used at employee enrollment.

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