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Getting Started

Getting started is simple.

AdvanStaff HR offers many levels of service depending on the needs and preparedness of the worksite manager or advisor.

An important note on implementing your handbook strategy:

It is extremely important that client leverage the power of the master template prepared by AdvanStaff HR and the attorneys at Jackson|Lewis.  Doing so will greatly reduce the amount of work that goes into a hanbdook project.  

Customizing the many state and federal policies will "disable" systematic updates and thus ignore the attorney-reviewed updates needed to keep your handbook compliant.

Getting Started with the Handbook Builder

Getting started is easy.

  • Once you have completed the Handbook Builder Order Form, you will be contacted by a client success team member.
  • A handbook builder username and password will be sent to you by email.  This contact will be the primary contact for the builder login, policy updates, and general access to the handbook web interface.
    • This internal manager will receive email updates throughout the year whenever a state or federal policy needs to be updated changed.
  • You can now start designing and building your handbook.  Here is where you choose what state(s) you have employees in, who your key manager contacts are, etc.
  • Once you get past the initial interview process online, then you will be presented with the master template.
  • The master template outlines all the general “must haves” in every employee handbook. Starting with template will save you A LOT of time and enables the handbook to receive auto updates as state and federal laws change. This is extremely important.
  • With the general policies out of the way, it’s now time to add your custom policies.
    • Import your custom policies yourself, with your corporate attorney / advisor. Or,
    • Enlist the help of AdvanStaff HR to import your custom policies.
    • Don’t worry, this process is similar to working with a standard word processor or email application.  It’s very user friendly.
    • We are happy to provide up to two complimentary hours of support to help you with the handbook.
  • Custom polices are protected from auto updates, but can be manually updated at any time.  Conversely, standard policies will receive updates as the laws and regulations change.
  • Once you are complete, let AdvanStaff HR know and we will add your PTO policy any review the work.
  • Thats it!

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