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Employee Self-Service Log in Helpful Hints

The Employee Self-Service portal provides secure access, 24/7,  to your employee profile, pay history, benefits eligibility and elections, and more.  Access to the information is available via secure log in guidelines.

The system validates the information you are attempting to enter against the information on file in your profile. There must be an exact match, in order to log in. This also applies to a request for a forgotten username or password.

Common issues which would prevent successful access:

  • trying to register, when a user account already exists
  • too many failed attempts,  please be patient, the lock-out period will last for approximately 10 minutes
  • incorrect or missing employee email address on file
  • incorrect username
  • incorrect password
  • incorrect spelling or hyphenation of name
  • incorrect home address
  • incorrect authentication code
    • be careful not to submit for an authentication code multiple times if possible. each request invalidates the previously requested code.
  • authentication code not received
    • codes should arrive within a minute or two. check your spam and junk mail boxes, since your personal email settings could re-direct the email away from your in-box.
    • authentication codes are text or emailed to the cell phone / email address on file. If none is present in our systems, this code will not be sent out. Contact our office for assistance.

If you are experiencing trouble logging in, please consider some of the reasons above, to try to determine & resolve the issue or contact our Client Success team at 702-598-0000 between 8:30 a.m and 5:00 p.m. for live assistance.