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Compliance Labor Poster & eUpdate Service General Info

Federal and State Law requires all employers with more than one employee to post compliance posters in a common area place at work.  Our program makes compliance manageable and easy to follow. 

The program includes:

  • A laminated compliance poster is mailed to the worksite each year.  The poster is federal and state compliant and up-to-date at the time of mailing.
  • E-updates sent to the designated worksite manager by email.  The manager will print the attached PDF and display it by the poster as required when laws or regulations change.
  • A follow-up phone call is made to the designated worksite manager who doesn’t open the email to make sure all procedures are properly executed.
  • Each eUpdate service includes the $25,000 ‘Fine-Reimbursement’ Guarantee for the primary poster.

Many companies have unique requirements.  Please reach out to us so that we can design a program that works for you.

Full PEO Clients receive a FREE annual compliance poster with eUpdates!

All employers with at least one active employee must have employment posters posted in a common area easily visible and accessible to all employees.

This is not only an AdvanStaff HR recommendation, it is required by State and Federal law.

Posters are updated 1x a year on the anniversary of the initial mailing.

An example. If you started as a client of Advanstaff HR in March, you would receive a new, updated poster each March.

Mini-updates are made throughout the year as posting requirements change. Our poster team will contact your designated worksite manager by email. We will send an “eUpdate” containing a PDF to be printed and posted by the current poster.

It is mandatory for our client companies to have a designated worksite manager to act as a key point of contact for all compliance programs.

When a mandatory change occurs in State or Federal Labor Law posting requirements, AdvanStaff HR’s compliance poster team will pro-actively contact the worksite’s designated contact by email containing an updated, ready-to-print policy for posting.

For a small additional monthly charge, we can also send a completely newly printed and laminated poster each time a mandatory poster update is announced.

For all full-service PEO clients, Yes. A free poster and eUpdate service is included in our service package.

Some service models, such a payroll only, a la carte services , ASO clients, and legacy service model clients may require a separate fee for program participation. If you have questions about your specific service level, please contact us.

Yes! AdvanStaff HR’s poster update program is the BEST way to stay compliant.

The number of mandatory posting changes has increased dramatically over the past several years. Each employer NEEDS a fool-proof compliance solution. The poster program by AdvanStaff HR is not just a Labor Law Poster, it’s another critical piece in the compliance jigsaw puzzle.

Each update requires action by the worksite manager. Our update programs and notification process is a critical piece of your risk management and compliance program.

Additional posters are available by request for a small charge. Ad-hoc posters do not receive eUpdates, because an eUpdate account will be tied to the automatic update service assigned to the designated worksite manager.