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While many industries share common functions, none are the same. With over 20 years of experience dealing with many different types of companies, Advanstaff HR's staff has pretty much seen it all. We understand the areas of pain in different industries and we know the best ways to alleviate it. Below are some of the industries that Advanstaff has had significant expereince with over the years.

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  • Auto Dealers

    Auto dealers face a unique, complex working environment. Time and attendance, sales, finance, inventory management, service, training, risk management, commission pay, and accounting. Everyone in the inustry knows that where you attract the top talent, you win. Advanstaff provides you with all the tools necessary to run a successful dealership.

  • Construction

    Risk management, safety, time and attendance, job costing, project costing, union dues, worker's compensation management.

  • Consulting

    Consulting is a competitive business, to compete, your company needs to bring something special to attract and retain the top talent. Using Advanstaff HR's platforms, you'll provide best-in-class benefits and have customized solutions to allow you to focus on your clients while increasing your bottom line.

  • Education

    With many years of experience in the field, Advanstaff HR understands the needs of educational institutions.

  • Gaming

    What would a Las Vegas compay be without dealing with gaming companies? Advanstaff HR uniquely understands your callenges. The gaming industry is competitive and processes must run smoothly. We remove those burdens that distract your gaze from the innovative ideas that you should be focusing on to stay at the head of your industry.

  • Hospitality

    The foundation of the Las Vegas market, Advanstaff HR understands the issues you face and is uniquely prepared to deal with them. Take advantage of our industry experts to meet the expectations of both your employees and customers.

  • Manufacturing

    As a growing industry in Las Vegas, human resource talent in this field is difficult to find. Luckily you have Advanstaff. Our experts have experience in areas that simply aren't available in this booming industry. By leveraging our experience across many clients and the collobrative nature of our team, there are few situations we haven't seen. This is a tremendous advantage for companies in the manufacturing business.

  • Not for Profit

    Advanstaff HR's commitment is to our community and we passionately strive to serve not-for-profit businesses as they are vital to the development of our community. However, we bring a lot more than just passion for the industry, we bring experience. We understand the uniqueness of running a charitable business and the constraints involved. That said, we definitely go the extra mile to ensure these wonderful causes are successful.

  • Private Equity

    Better than most, Advanstaff HR knows the sacred nature of dealing with other people's money. Private equity brings a unique opportunity upon entering your relationship with Advanstaff. Not only are you able to provide your highly skilled employees a superior benefit package, but we offer you the opportunity to keep a consistent, third-party observer of your investments. This is of great value to you and your investors. Not only can you sleep soundly knowing your business is running in the most efficient way possible, but you have true professionals reviewing the day-to-day practices of your most important investment, your people.

  • Professional Services

    For professionals, time is money. Every minute spent focusing on administrative issues in multiple dollars of lost revenue and increased costs. Advanstaff HR solved this problem for your firm. Besides delivering multi-facited, Fortune 500 quality benefits, you'll receive concierge service at every level. Your people are important and we'll always let them know that.

  • Retail

    As the retail capital of the world, Advanstaff has years of experience in the field. We understand your challenges with Affordable Care, seasonal turnover, and time and attendance. Generally, retail businesses run a tight corporate office. By co-sourcing with Advanstaff, you keep your headcount low, but access the expertise necessary to deal with the inevitable issues that come with the industry; be it EEOC, DOL, or Labor Board. By heeding our advice, your exposure to those issue is greatly minimized.

  • Restaurants

    Daily overtime or weekly overtime? Multiple properties, are you subject to ACA? Constantly changing minimum wages and labor laws. Probably more than any other industry, the restaurant industry always seems to be getting hit from every direction. Thankfully, it's also our largest, most extensive block of business. We understand your people and your challenges. This is a huge advantage in such a competitive environment. Leaning on our industry knowledge, you'll know your business is the most competitive it can possibly be, while maintaining quality to ensure you're always one step ahead of the competition.

  • Logitstics

    As Las Vegas becomes more and more of an important hub for the distribution of goods, we continue to gain expertise in this field. Serving multiple clients for many years, we see things that may be in your blind spot. By relying on our experts, you'll avoid many of the headaches involved in the business and allow you to focus on your core objectives, running an efficient, focused, and profitable company.

  • Financial Services

    Yet another industry that requires the best in class to retain top talent. Your time is important and your primary concern is that things are done correctly. Advanstaff HR takes away those cares and allows you to focus on revenue. Your employees will have access to the best benefits available, and we'll make sure you're covered in all 50 States.


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