Last updated on 10/25/2019 at 5:10 pm PT

We believe in transparency no matter how difficult the subject.  We also acknowledge and recognize the grave importance of paying employees accurately and on time.

The purpose of the information below is to not deny responsibility or pass blame to any organization.  It is to state the facts and to solve problems.

While processing payroll may seem trivial, we work tirelessly to make sure financial files are accurate and on time for bank processing.   In this case, AdvanStaff HR did everything possible to make sure a smooth direct deposit file was processed.  However, our ACH originating bank, one of the top three bank in the country, experienced a problem and informed us retroactively (end of day on Wednesday, which equal start of day on Thursday) that deposits require additional action and funding methods to be processed.

We worked with many amazing client managers and staff to meet all the new demands of the processor and were fully expecting direct deposits to be completed as expected.  However, on Friday morning, this was not the case.

The abbreviated timeline below outlines information as received.


Friday Oct 25

6:00 am PT
AdvanStaff HR started receiving reports that employee direct deposits were not completed as scheduled.  We have been working diligently on making sure all direct deposits happen today,

7:14 am PT
The ACH Originators Director of Operation contacted us to confirm all files sent by AdvanStaff HR as early as Tuesday for direct deposit will be released for final processing.

8:25 am PT
The file status was changed from “approved” to “forwarded” on the ACH originators website.  This is a GOOD sign.

8:54 am PT
AdvanStaff HR was contacted by the ACH originator and have been assured all deposits scheduled for today (Friday, October 25, 2019) will be deposited today, no later than 2:00 pm PT.

1:30 pm PT
First deposits begin to show at employees banks.

2:00 pm PT
It appears 95%+ of all deposits have been confirmed.  The final amount appear to be tied to smaller, local banks that may be closed for the Nevada Day holiday.

3:10 pm PT
Most if not all the remaining deposits have a “pending” status and are starting to propagate to the accounts.

4:00 pm PT
All appear to be complete.

4:45 pm PT
*UPDATE* we now understand that one local Credit Union may have not posted the direct deposits by end of day on Friday.  The Credit Union is open on Saturday.  We encourage employees banking with One Nevada CU to call the customer support line found at the “Contact Page” link below.  The Credit Union has received the funds and simply needs to release them to your account.

One Nevada Credit Union (aka Nevada Federal Credit Union) – Contact Page


Please open a support ticket if you are missing your direct deposit.  We will be monitoring the ticket system throughout the weekend while phones are closed.

Thank you for your understanding.

Current take…..

What we understand now is that all direct deposit employees should be getting paid today, on payday by the end of the day.

Moving forward, all clients should know that alternative ACH originators will be used by AdvanStaff HR and ACH debits and ACH direct deposits will be processed as usual, without delay.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused our clients and their worksite employees.   We are working diligently with our ACH originating bank to make sure all employees are paid.  This is a situation affecting 100s of payroll processing organizations and millions of employees, not just AdvanStaff HR.  It is not a good situation and was not foreseeable.  Nonetheless, we are working through the challenge as best as possible considering the circumstances.

Website support tickets are also being responded to throughout the day.

If anyone has any questions, they may reach out to Matt Richards at 702-496-7888.



Matt Richards
AdvanStaff HR
President & COO