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Advanstaff HR's Turnkey 401k Solution

Offering a 401k has never been easier or more cost effective than through AdvanStaff HR. AdvanStaff qualified staff members and partners handle all the paperwork, employee notifications, and compliance processes. Best of all, costs to the employer are minimal (if any) and asset fees to the employees are amongst the lowest in the industry.

Contact Information

Associates are available every day during normal business hours. Please contact your account service representative, a member of the benefits department, or either of the licensed financial advisors below if you have any questions on getting started.

Jeff Pink
The Legacy Group
702-385-3767 ext 206

Joe Adames
800-356-3009 x 3004
561-241-1070 (Fax)

Resources and Materials

Please contact Jeff Pink at 702-598-0000 ext 206 for current plan documentation and design options.

The plan offers the following investment options:

Plan Cost Features

Employee fees of $9.75 per quarter ($39 per year) are taken automatically out of the employee account.

Asset charges to the plan are capped at a maximum of 1.10% and scale down to as low as .30% depending on the total assets in the plan for each work-site employer. For more information, please download the pdf 401k plan summary

The contract is funded by no-load mutual funds (versus a higher cost variable annuity.) Any brokers commissions (12b-1) received by Slavic from the various fund companies are returned to the plan participant's account at the end of each quarter. This brings the average mutual fun expense ratio down to lower than .52%!


A traditional 401k usually requires each plan sponsor to be responsible for fees related to attorneys, CPAs, and third party administrators for plan documents, routine administration, compliance, testing, and other daily tasks. All quoted fees of the AdvanStaff HR/Slavic program are inclusive of these services. AdvanStaff has eliminated all the administrative variables and packaged everything together in an extremely cost competitive and comprehensive program. Employer fees max out at $350 per year and scale down depending on the number of participants. Employers with 9 or more participating employees pay no annual fees!

The employer chooses the matching provision for which they are comfortable. Safe Harbor and/or customized plan designs are readily available. Defined contribution plans are available at an additional cost and will be quoted separately.


Participants can manage their accounts seamlessly through the AdvanStaff HR Web Edition or through the Slavic401k website. All allocation transfers, re-balancing, reporting, and many plan administrative functions can be handled from AdvanStaff Web Edition, or Slavic's website. All information in one place.

Communication & "401k Express"

Adopting subscribers receive a monthly email (view sample) stating the status of their 401k plan. The employer update email includes plan asset and performance information, top funds, links to forms, YTD numbers, and plan overviews. Discrimination and top-heavy testing is reported monthly. This helps eliminate any year-end surprises to highly compensated employees and owners.

Employees receive weekly updates via email (view sample) and quarterly statements by mail.

Registration to receive these updates is required through the Slavic Website or through AdvanStaff HR Web Edition login / registration page

The new retirement plans are not limited to a vanilla 401k. Each plan is customized to your needs.

Payroll-deduction Retirement Options

Employees not offered an employer-sponsored 401k can take control of their own financial future with the help of AdvanStaff HR.

Investment offerings include:

  • Roth IRA
  • Traditional IRA
  • Educational IRA
  • Section 529 plans

All plans feature AdvanStaff payroll deduction for ease of participation and administration. A Slavic401k advisor can explain the tax advantages of each plan.

Slavic 401k Background

Slavic 401k is a Florida-based, SAS-70 audited corporation with over 170 professionals and support staff. They actively manage over 100 multiple employer plans covering over 3000 employers. About Slavic 401k.


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