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AdvanStaff HR offer self-service and reporting modeuls to all clients free of charge. Data is housed on a secure server and it updated in real time. Clients and their employees have access to their important data and valuable reports 24/7.


  • All data and reports are real time
  • Managers can run reports or generate inquiries
  • Payroll summary view may be changed to reflect a specific period (month, quarter, year-to-date)
  • Managers can run self-service reports


  • Optional: Managers can enter their own codes for department, worksite location, work groups, projects, divisions, skills, event categories, and event types
  • Time clock imports allowed
  • Performance, goal and discipline tracking available
  • General and client-specific forms and handbooks available for download


  • Manager security can be restricted or customized to limit which “pages” can be seen
  • All data protected by 128-bit encryption


  • Time sheet entry and submission cuts down on keying errors and processing time
  • Notes may be submitted along with time sheets to the payroll processor
  • Employees can submit changes to personal information


  • Changes made on the web can trigger multiple e-mail messages to the manager
  • HR actions (e.g., pay rate change) can be set by client by action to require approval prior to writing to the database
  • Managers can update tracked employee information such as skills, education and other date sensitive events online
  • Managers can change the following employee HR actions, and because they are date-sensitive, can enter them at any time for a future activation date:
    • pay rate change
    • job change
    • termination
    • rehire
    • leave of absence
    • leave reactivation
    • status/type change

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