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Active Benefits

ExpandPlanTypeCoverageSection 125Effective DateYour CostFrequency
VSHL EPO 500 OUT OF AREAMedicalFamilyYes7/1/2022$ 200.00Monthly
VUHC DENTAL (ELITE) PPO Plus NetworkDentalFamilyYes7/1/2022$ 50.00Monthly
VLTD ASI-CORE (METLIFE)LT Disability10,0000No7/1/2022$ 0.00Monthly
VCLOSED CLASS FLAT 250K (METLIFE)Life Insurance250,0000No7/1/2022$ 0.00Monthly
VLONG TERM CARELT CareN/ANo7/1/2022$ 50.00Monthly
VEmployee Assistance Program (EAP)WellnessFamilyN/A7/1/2022$ 0.00Monthly

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PlanTypeSection 125Open Enrollment DateExpand
Voluntary Group Life InsuranceLife InsuranceNo7/1/2022V
Met LawLegal PlansNoAnytimeV
Pet ProtectionPet InsuranceNoAnytimeV
Accident InsuranceSpecialty InsuranceNo7/1/2022V
Hospital InsuranceSpecialty InsuranceYes7/1/2022V
Cancer InsuranceSpecialty InsuranceYes7/1/2022V
Critical IllnessSpecialty InsuranceYes7/1/2022V
Well Call 360WellnessNo7/1/2022V
Hooray HealthMini-MedicalYes7/1/2022V
Individual Life InsuranceLife InsuranceNoAnytimeV