Service Updates

This page will list new services, changes or updates to services, and general announcements that could impact or enhance the client experience and utilization of the AdvanStaff Platform of services.

Great Discounts on LifeLock Identity Protection (2020-Q1)

Get great discounts on identity protection from LifeLock

AdvanStaff HR employees, can now get GREAT discounts on LifeLock identity protection services.

More details to come!

Wages on Demand (2019-Q3)

You work daily. Why do you wait weeks to be paid?

You choose your payday. Choose how much money you want to access and have it paid back automatically off your paycheck.  This is not a loan, you pay a small transaction fee of $5 and the amount you elect is quickly deposited into your bank account.

Click HERE for details.

Car Rental Discounts! (2019-Q3)

Get great discounts on car rentals

AdvanStaff HR employees, friends, and family can now get great discounts from Avis & Budget Care Rental.

Please follow the links below for details:

Budget Car Rental:

Avis Car Rental:

Discounts on Shows, Attractions, Theme Parks, Movie Tickets, and much more (2019-Q1)

We are pleased to offer great savings on nationwide travel and entertainment through our partnership with MemberDeals.

Get access to exclusive deals on theme parks, Broadway and Vegas shows, movie tickets, hotels, concerts and sports tickets, and much more. Be sure to visit often. With a constantly growing catalog of new products and discounts, AdvanStaff HR/MemberDeals truly has something for everyone!

You can find links to the employee perks program via the employee portal (ESS), or via the website:


Advanced Interative Reporting Utility in Manager Portal (2020-end of Q2)

We are excited to roll out the next generation of reporting to all managers.

Managers will be able to build ad-hoc, interactive reports from with in the manager portal.  Data will be pulled from most data fields.  Reports can be saved to a favorites library and can also be scheduled to run on a custom interval.


Interactive Training Videos and Learning Manage System (2019-Q4)

On-boarding.  Training.  Compliance

By implementing an employee focused training program, you are investing in your employees well being, helping them advance in their careers, protecting your business, and establishing standards of conduct for all your people.

AdvanStaff HR’s interactive training series keep your employees engaged and learning though-out the employment lifecycle.  You have full control over the courses offered, the frequency and requirements, and it integrates with our world class HRIS.

Categories include:

  • Harassment and Violence Prevention Courses
  • Skills & General Learning Courses
  • Employee Success Courses
  • Manager Success Courses
    • Hiring and Termination
    • Diversity & Ethics
  • Safety Courses
    • General Safety
    • OSHA Compliance
    • Occupational Safety
    • Blood-born Pathogens
  • Data Privacy & Security
  • HIPAA Training for Managers & Employees
  • And much, much more!

Add custom courses or choose from a list of over 2000 courses.  The possibilities are endless.

Click HERE for more information on the manager help center.


The OSHA Store has been added! (2019-Q3)

AdvanStaff HR Clients can now order OSHA materials for their safety programs right from the AdvanStaff HR website:

The AdvanStaff HR OSHA Store

Labor Law Poster Compliance Program (2019-Q2)

Labor Law Poster compliance is *Mandatory* for all businesses with at least one employee.  Keeping up-to-date on the local and federal employment laws and posting requirements can be a hassle.  Don’t worry, we have a program that does most of the work for you.  All worksite managers need to do is check their mail for posters, e-mail for updates, and then post those items in the designated area at the worksite.  We will also send each employer an updated, all-in-one, federal and state, compliance labor poster every twelve months.

Participation in the poster program is mandatory for each location.  The cost per location is $7 which is billed on the standard payroll invoice.

Features include:

  • Includes a new, updated Labor Law Poster each year
  • State & Federal Compliance made easy
    • Our Labor Law Posters include postings provided by both State and Federal Government agencies. To assist in identifying particular postings, our Labor Law Posters are equipped with a legend. The poster legend identifies which postings have been issued by State or Federal agencies and can also include information on industry specific notices, or those notices required by employers operating a business with a particular number of employees.
  • Monitor Poster & Law Changes
    • Labor Law Postings can change at any time of the year. But how do you know when to replace your labor law poster? Client Partners can scan a QR Codes on each poster with your smartphone and see if the poster is up-to-date.
    • Updates are emailed to worksite managers
  • Includes valuable updates emailed throughout the year to keep your business in compliance.
  • Includes $25,000 of protection.

For more information, please visit our Manager Help Center -> Programs -> Labor Law Compliance Posters & eUpdates

On-demand HR Answer Portal Launched (2019 Q1)

Managers now have FREE self-service access to an enormous HR answer database through the manager portal.

We understand calling in to our offices to talk to an HR pro during business hours may not always be convenient or possible.  We also know managers will sometimes look to the web for answers to many of their questions.  We want to make sure all our partners get their questions answered as quickly and accurately as possible.

The 24/7 self-service portal provides guidance related to:

  • Human Resources
  • Recruitment & Hiring
  • Discipline & Termination
  • State Specific Laws
    • Minimum wage rates
    • Overtime rules
    • Work-break rules
    • Payday requirements
    • And many, many more…
  • Forms & Policies
  • Safety & Wellness
  • HR Training & Videos

The link to the portal can be found under:

Drug & Background Platform Updated (2018-Q4)

Another addition to the AdvanStaff HR platform is a unified drug testing and background check solution.  Worksite managers can access a convenient web-portal to track progress of employment screening candidates.

AdvanStaff HR’s human resources department assists in all steps of a customizable program tailored to the worksite managers preferences.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our client success manager team.

Employee Handbook Program (2018-Q4)

We have re-vamped our handbook program from the ground up.

A properly drafted employee handbook can be a valuable tool for relaying information about the employer and its policies, as well as a guide to enable management to promote nondiscriminatory, consistent application of its policies and practices. A comprehensive employee handbook is an important communication tool that explains an organization’s culture, policies, work rules, benefits and expectations.

It’s important for handbooks to be properly structured and written so they can adapt to the ever-changing regulations imposed on employers.  Polices must comply with federal AND state guidelines.  Thus, each handbook will be unique to the venue of the employees.

AdvanStaff HR has partnered with BLR and the attorneys of Jackson | Lewis to design and update the handbooks via a platform that is easy to use, easy to update, and easy to deploy a handbook.

For more information, please visit our Manager Help Center -> Programs -> Handbook Builder

Commuter, Parking, and Transit FSA (Flex Spending Account) Benefit now available! (2019-Q3)

Employees now have access to a new “Commuter Benefit” as part of the Flex Program.

The Transportation Equity Act makes it possible for employees to use pre-tax dollars to pay for qualified work-related commuting and parking expenses. This represents a significant tax savings of up to 40 percent!

Effective immediately, This benefit has been enabled for all District of Columbia employees.  All other employees will have a chance to enroll at the next Flex Benefits Open Enrollment Period prior to Jan 1, 2020.

Please visit the Employee Help Center for all benefit plan options or view the Commuter FSA page for additional plan details.

HPN / SHL (Nevada Plans) - Now Clinic Visits have $0 co-pays (2019 - Q1)

Members on the Sierra Health & Life, or Health Plan on Nevada Insurance Programs can now get virtual doctor visits for $0 co-pays (FREE!.)

The NOW Clinic is an app-based remote doctors visit.  It is available 24/7.

It is a GREAT alternative to traditional doctor visits due to convenience, costs, and easy of scheduling.

For more information on the NOW Clinic, please click here:

Event & important dates calendar added to the public website (2020-Q1)

Worksite employees and managers are able to now see important dates, event schedules, maintenance schedules, etc from a calendar posted on the public website.

The running calendar widget can be seen at the bottom right of the page, or a list and calendar view can be found here.

New Communication Center (2019-Q4) - Coming Soon!

Worksite employees and managers are able to subscribe/unsubscribe to specific topics of interest via the employee portal.

Managers will have added options based on user roles, payroll, HR, new product announcements and training, system feature updates, etc.

This new functionality will allow better, more target communications between AdvanStaff HR and client worksite managers and owners without filling up in-boxes unnecessarily.

System Status Dashboard Added to Public Website (2019-Q3)

Worksite employees and managers can now confirm system status and report system issues via the public website.

View the System Status Dashboard

New Ticket Tracking System Launched (2019-Q1)

Worksite employees and managers can now submit trackable requests through the public website in a secure, private method.

Tickets history can be submitted and reviewed here

Secure File Upload System Launched (2019-Q1)

Managers and employees can now send files securely to the AdvanStaff HR team using the public website.

Links to submission forms can be found in the public website top-level "Manager" menu.

Easy upload forms for new hire processing, general file uploads for client services, and forms sent directly to a departments (workers compensation, benefits, etc) are also available.

Enterprise clients may also use the system internally based on access credentials they prefer.  Users can upload, download, edit, and delete forms based on custom settings.  There is also no limit to the number of folders.  Just speak with a client success team member for details.


  • We use best-in-class carrier-grade data centers to house all your data, which are SOC 2 Type 1/2 Compliant and ISO 27001 Certified.
  • We employ redundant firewalls and intrusion detection systems to keep your data secure.
  • We offer numerous security controls from complex password enforcement to accounts that automatically expire. Users can choose to have a unique link / password combo or a full username & password login.
  • All encrypted traffic uses an SSL certificate with a 2048 bit private key, employing TLS v1.2.

Worksite Harassment And Employee Grievances Can Now Be Submitted Via the Public Website (2019-Q1)

Worksite employees and managers now have an easier way to report incidents to the AdvanStaff Human resources department or Risk Management Departments.

Reports are confidential if requested and will alert the office HR team when action is needed.  Managers and employees are highly encouraged to document all incidents so they can be addressed and resolved quickly.

Once a submission is made, our team will contact the submitter quickly.

Report a incident, compliant, or inappropriate behavior at the workplace

Workplace Injury Reports Can Now be Submitted Va The Public Website (2019-Q1)

Worksite employees and managers now have an easier way to report worksite injuries to the Risk Management Departments.

Managers and employees are highly encouraged to document all incidents so they can be addressed and resolved quickly.  Employee safety is extremely important and a basic requirement for all locations.  In the event an employee is injured, it is important all protocols are followed so the quality of care is excellent and the employee is treated.

Once a submission is made, our team will contact the submitter quickly.

Report a worksite injury

Website Privacy Policy Updated (2019-3-7)

The public website privacy policy has been updated and can be found here: Privacy Policy.

ESS & MSS portal multi-factor authentication (MFA) updated (2019-Q1)

Both the ESS and MSS web portals have been updated and now support multi-factor authentication (MFA) security protocols.  Users can now register each device by have an authorization/security code sent to a registered email address or text number included in the users account.

It is important all users update their account to include the following:

  • email address
    • Primary (work address)
    • Secondary (personal email)
  • cell phone
    • to receive text authorization codes

Each device used to access a users portal account will need to be registered using the new MFA method.  If you choose to use email, please check your spam folder if messages are not received within a few minutes.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) Processing (2020-Q2) Coming Soon!

Clients participating in AdvanStaff HRs electronic on-boarding system will automatically be enrolled in a Work Opportunity Tax Credit processing benefit.  The benefit flows federal tax credits resulting from qualified hires back to the employer.

Employers have up to twenty years to claim the tax credit against company profits.

No action is required on behalf the employer and employers can review tax credit status via a client portal integrated into the manager portal.

We expect this integration and service to be active in 2019-Q4.

More details to follow and will be added to the Manager Help Center.

Wages on Demand (2019-Q3)

You work daily. Why do you wait weeks to be paid?

You choose your payday. Choose how much money you want to access and have it paid back automatically off your paycheck.  This is not a loan, you pay a small transaction fee of $5 and the amount you elect is quickly deposited into your bank account.

Click HERE for details.

Easy Payroll Funding for Employers (2019-Q3)

AdvanStaff HR Clients can access a new benefit called The Payroll Funding Benefit™. This benefit provides short-term cash that enables your business to pay payroll on credit (as if paid with a credit card), so you can use cash that would otherwise pay payroll to grow your business with additional inventory, new equipment, or new hires.

How does it work?

After a brief interview with our partner, you will be approved for a payroll or business capital line of credit.

Upon demand, the partner wires funds for payroll directly to your company or to AdvanStaff HR.

Since you are already with AdvanStaff HR, you need no personal guarantee (your credit is not affected), no lien, no collateral, no up-front fee, and no need to supply additional documentation in order to get approval…not even a written application.

From start to funded can take less than 24 hours.

Additional Details can be found in the AdvanStaff HR Help Center.